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All about the Swallow Spirit Animal Symbol

What abilities, power, and hidden magic does your spirit animal teach? What does your spirit animal say about you? How can you call upon the strengths of your spirit animal in your life? Discover your unique totem with this fun quiz, featuring over 112 different animals. What is a totem and how can you use one for yourself? Learn more here.

The swallow is a symbol of warmth, home life, and proper perspective. These birds follow warm weather and signal the arrival of summer.

These birds eat tiny insects and have a rather large mouth. As a totem they remind you to ask yourself: what does your communication space look like? Are you saying more than necessary, or not enough? Are you, or others, saying things that have multiple meanings? Do you need to listen more to what is saying, rather than how it sounds?

Swallows help to control pesky insects and represent a need to examine how we deal with pests of our own, whether they be emotional, or social.

The swallow is incredibly graceful and spends little time on the ground; this is a metaphorical reminder not to get too caught up in the mundane aspects of life. Don't rehash old dramas and problems. Do something new, get outside, and go for a thrill!

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