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All about the Road Runner Spirit Animal Symbol

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Unknown to most people, the road runner is a ground-dwelling cuckoo. It has adapted to live on the ground. Because of this, it has nearly lost its power of flight. On rare occasions, however, it will fly briefly. Its greatest ability is the ability to run quickly. It can run nearly 20 miles per hour.

The road runner teaches us about mental agility, focus of attention, and speed. If this is your totem, you will likely learn, or already know how, to think quickly and process analytical information smoothly and efficiently.

Your mind is always at work and those with this spirit animal tend to be thinking constantly.

The cartoonish moniker that the road runner reminds us of is a metaphorical nod to this animal's unique ability to outrun trouble. You might ask yourself: are you running away from problems rather than facing them? Might you actually need to run away from a person, situation, or problem? What is no longer working in your life? What is working? What do you need to run away from and run toward? Deep down, you know!

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