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All about the Magpie Spirit Animal Symbol

What abilities, power, and hidden magic does your spirit animal teach? What does your spirit animal say about you? How can you call upon the strengths of your spirit animal in your life? Discover your unique totem with this fun quiz, featuring over 112 different animals. What is a totem and how can you use one for yourself? Learn more here.

The magpie is the crow's cousin. They have a reputation for being thieves. These birds remind you to use the metaphysical knowledge you have, while understanding its exact usefulness and not overestimating its power. You may want to read some books by Debra Lynn Katz.

These birds are scavengers and opportunists; they are intelligent too; they remind us not to get stuck dabbling in too many areas of life without mastering any single subject. Use your intelligence in an integrated fashion.

How are you using your skills and knowledge? Is it being applied appropriately and effectively? The magpie reminds us that a little can go a long way when doing energy work, but that we must also be conscious of karma and what our tools can and cannot do.

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You are a spirit in a body. When was the last time you grounded your spirit's information into that body?

You are psychic, but do you know it – or use it every day?

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