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All about the Lynx Spirit Animal Symbol

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The Lynx shares similar properties with the bobcat.

The lynx has acquired the reputation for supernatural eyesight. It has been attributed with the ability to see error, falsehood, secrets and all that is hidden. If a lynx has shown up in your life, look for that which is hidden. Trust your instincts in believing others. The things you imagine are probably more accurate than you think. No matter how strange and how irrational the imagining, it probably has a core of truth.

The Lynx has the ability to teach you how to know the inner workings of others. Jamie Sams and David Carson refer to it as a special type of clairvoyance in which you see that which people hide-from others and themselves. This may be fears, activities and even abilities.

Individuals with lynx as a totem need to be very careful about breaking confidences. Things said have a greater potential of being made public or distorted, so words must be chosen and used cautiously. Strength through silence should be the motto. The breaking of confidences usually brings quick and strong repercussions. If lynx has shown up in your life, you will find that other people increasingly share their secrets, taking you into their confidence. You will "accidentally" discover things about people, and some of it you may not wish to know. You don't have to do anything with the knowledge. Hold onto it. Use it for your own benefit, but be careful of sharing it inappropriately.

It is not unusual to find that some people will become very uncomfortable around you. On some level they will recognize that you can see within them. When they avoid you, trust what you imagine to be the reason. To help you awaken the lynx ability to see hidden knowledge, Sit back and watch. As you observe how people behave and what they say, you will also get images of things behind them.

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