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All about the Goldfinch Spirit Animal Symbol

What abilities, power, and hidden magic does your spirit animal teach? What does your spirit animal say about you? How can you call upon the strengths of your spirit animal in your life? Discover your unique totem with this fun quiz, featuring over 112 different animals. What is a totem and how can you use one for yourself? Learn more here.

The goldfinch is named after the yellow feathers it has on its body. It has black wings and a black hat on its head. This totem awakens one to the activities of the imagination and the realm of fiction. You can use the wisdom of this bird to deepen your perceptions and see the auras of animals and people.

These birds love to sing and remind us that the Earth is constantly communicating with us on all levels. When was the last time you sat in the forest, and meditated, and communicated with the trees and wildlife?

The sound of their song is sweet and soft, and reminds one of a mild summer's day, and the smell of fresh grass. Listen here.

Goldfinches are symbolically connected to devas, or nature spirits.

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