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All about the Crow Spirit Animal Symbol

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The crow is, arguably, the smartest of all birds and it probably knows it. It can outwit other birds, animals, and even humans. They can be both beguiling and annoying. There are five species of crows, one of which is the widely known raven, with the only big difference being their size.

Their color, black, is the color of the night, the emptiness and pure feminine control energy. Crows are portents of plot development in your own personal life, signaling through synchronicities that something is about to happen soon. Be ready.

Crows are also highly trainable pets and can develop a complex communication system with their trainers.

Carlos Castaneda composes the crow's psychedelic sight and light vision pecking away at death in The Teaching of Don Juan. This is an interesting account of what the crow might experience.

Your own relationship to crow magic will be unique; tune into them and ask them what they have to show you, but be ready, it may not always be fun.

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