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All about the Blackbird Spirit Animal Symbol

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The blackbird has historically been associated with mysticism and omens of both good and bad luck.

Blackbirds are fiercely territorial and will drive off any other blackbirds in their space; as a result, the sight of two blackbirds together is associated with good luck. The same goes for seeing blackbirds nesting in your local environment.

The male blackbird loses its luster in the winter and this reflects the sense that summer is a time of enthusiasm and vigor for those who have this bird as a totem.

Blackbirds often nest near water, wetlands, or swamps. This reflects a need to be near emotional aspects of oneself.

The classic song of the blackbird evokes an early morning wetland cold, with hopes of a warming afternoon. Pink calls, tjeets, harsh rattles, and conk-la-ree's fill the air. Listen to these sounds for yourself. Is it time for you to get up early and explore nature?

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