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All about the Antelope Spirit Animal Symbol

What abilities, power, and hidden magic does your spirit animal teach? What does your spirit animal say about you? How can you call upon the strengths of your spirit animal in your life? Discover your unique totem with this fun quiz, featuring over 112 different animals. What is a totem and how can you use one for yourself? Learn more here.

Anyone with this totem may need to either depend upon their insulation, emotional, mental, or physical, to survive. It may also be a reminder to come out of hiding.

The antelope can run up to 60 miles per hour! This animal has abundant curiosity as well as a visual field that is nearly eight times greater than humans. This suggests you have deep, latent, psychic abilities, upon which you can rely to suss out lies, images, ideas, and mental pictures behind social behavior, work or relationship drama, and much more.

Your mind may be filled with questions if you have this totem and sometimes this can drive other people a bit nuts!

Adaptability is the underlying theme for the antelope and this totem can teach you how to revitalize yourself in any environment. Ask yourself: where could you use more speed and adaptability in your life?

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